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Everything you need to grow your audience and monetize content using Notion.

Unlimited pages

Create unlimited pages, all for free.

Worldwide CDN

Deliver content quickly and reliably to readers around the world with a content delivery network.

Auto Sync

Effortlessly sync content across platforms for consistent and up-to-date posts.

Automatic Sitemap

Improve SEO and site navigation with an automatically generated sitemap.

Related Posts

Increase reader engagement by showing related posts at the end of each article.

Free SSL

Secure your blog with Free SSL, ensuring data protection and trustworthiness.


Customize your blog with unique themes and layouts to match your brand's style.

Full Text Search

Enable readers to find content easily with a instant full-text search.

Collect Emails (Coming Soon)

Easily build an email list, keeping your audience engaged with regular updates and posts.

Custom Domains

Host your blog on a custom domain to enhance your brand's presence and credibility.

Host on /blog

Integrate your blog seamlessly with your main website, maintaining a consistent web presence.

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