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Why we are starting BlogPro

HongbeomFeb 22, 2024·Last Updated On Mar 3, 2024News
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Hi there!
Hongbeom, the co-founder of BlogPro. A little bit of backstory on why we decided to start BlogPro. By day, I spend my time building the ultimate tweet manager at xbase. We manage all our business operations using Notion and wanted to launch a blog with our Notion content.

So I tried out simple blogging platforms for startups. But none of them felt right.

  • Ghost → required manual content upload from Notion ❌
  • Feather → complex dashboard and pricing starting at $39/mo ❌
  • Notaku → nice UI but had limited layout options and had to be on $99/mo plan for subdirectory hosting ❌
  • Bullet → difficult to use and unappealing style ❌
  • Super → mainly for personal sites, not optimized for businesses ❌

So I reached out to my best friend for help.
Ash is a full-stack engineer and have written multiple technical articles for publications like freecodeCamp. He builds MVP for early stage startups, and provides SEO consulting on the side. In his spare time, he was dabbling into indiehacking by building Notion plugins like and Ash basically had every technical skill to build the perfect Notion to Blog product. And luckily Ash wanted to spend more time building his own products.
So we decided to team up!

Unlike other Notion Page builders that try to do many things, BlogPro is different.

Our goal at BlogPro is do one thing and one thing only → Help startups run blogs with the least work and make the most money from it. This involves providing conversion-optimized layouts, top-notch SEO, and useful analytics.

Some may ask what’s our edge?
We believe we can gain traction by narrowing our focus to just
startups. No personal sites, changelog or docs. Just blogs for startups. And Ash is one of the fastest developer I worked with. We will likely ship 3x faster than what’s on the market.
We will also target Korean startups from the very beginning. Why? I am a Korean and there are no Notion to Blog solutions here. And most Korean startups run on Notion! Huge untapped market.

Some stuff we will be shipping in the coming weeks:

  1. Conversion-optimized layouts
  1. More layout options
  1. Newsletter
  1. Built-in SEO analysis (add-ons)

We believe Notion as CMS for blogs could become the as popular as Wordpress one day. Notion editing experience is 100x times better than Wordpress, it has better collaboration, more features, Notion AI.
BlogPro is out bet on Notion eating Wordpress.