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Built by SEO experts
Supercharged SEO
We handle everything from sitemaps to meta tags, ensuring your blog is optimized for Google and other search engines.
Easiest way to run a blog
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Run your blog easily with the productivity tool you are familar with. Focus only on writing.
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Top notch support
We pride ourselves on being lightning-fast when it comes to helping our customers. Email us anytime, and we'll be there in a flash.

All-in-one Toolkit

Everything you need to grow your blog

Unlimited pages

Create unlimited pages, all for free.

Worldwide CDN

Make your Notion blog load faster with a global content delivery network.

Auto Sync

Effortlessly sync your Notion content with your blog.

Automatic Sitemap

Improve SEO and site navigation with an automatically generated sitemap.

Related Posts

Increase reader engagement by showing related posts at the end of each article.

Full Text Search

Enable readers to find content easily with instant full-text search.

Collect Emails (Coming Soon)

Gather reader emails directly within Notion.

Custom Domains

Host your blog on a custom domain to enhance your brand's presence and credibility.

Free SSL

Secure your blog with Free SSL, ensuring data protection and trustworthiness.

Host on /blog

Host your blog on /blog for better SEO.

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About BlogPro team

A small, dedicated, remote team.

In 2023, we were tired of moving content from Notion to Medium, so we found a way to turn our Notion database into a blog. It was so convenient that we decided to make it available for everyone to use. Our goal is to help you focus solely on the joy of writing in Notion. We will handle all the technical aspects like SEO and hosting.

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